Case Study


Name: Tsavo


Breed: Springer x Cocker Spaniel (Sprocker)


Age: 7 years old

Reason for Hydrotherapy

Hip Dysplasia

Tsavo started to attend Bluewaters Canine Hydrotherapy Centre on 4th December 2016 as he was suffering with bilateral hip dysplasia and associated degenerative joint disease. Tsavo‘s right hip was the most severely affected and his owner noticed him limping on walks, he was x-rayed and hip dysplasia was diagnosed.
We decided to conduct Tsavo‘s sessions in the hydrotherapy pool as he enjoys swimming and would benefit from the low impact exercise the pool provides. Tsavo took to his sessions really well in the pool and very quickly started to thoroughly enjoy himself and benefit from the treatment.
When Tsavo first started he was very reluctant to extend his hind limbs, particularly his right hind limb but he has progressed his hind limb extension is now quite good and even on both limbs. There is slight abduction (kicking out to the side) of his right hind limb but overall his range of movement in the pool has greatly improved.
Tsavo has gained muscle on all four limbs since the start of his treatment and lost 1 cm off his waist. Tsavo muscle mass has increased by 10cm on his right hind limb and 7cm on his left hind limb which is an amazing result considering the muscle atrophy that was present initially. The muscle he has gained has helped Tsavo avoid surgery for the moment and provides support to his hip joints which was the aim of his treatment.
Tsavo‘s owner has been delighted with how much Tsavo has benefited from his hydrotherapy sessions and reports that she hardly notices an issue now. Tsavo continues to attend the centre every fortnight and sometimes brings his brother Vasha (a crazy golden retriever!) along for a session as well. They swim separately though else we would have chaos! They have us in stitches with their antics and we always look forward to the sessions. It has been lovely to see Tsavo progress so well through his time in the pool and live a comfortable life able to enjoy it to the full! Well done lovely boy!
Thank you for Powis and Partners for the X-Ray image of Tsavo’s hips. Please click the image to enlarge. Example of excellent hips is from the OFA.

Tsavo was 2yrs old when he had intermittent limping on walks. He avoided weight bearing on his right hind and he had lost a lot of muscle around that leg. He was eventually diagnosed with hip dysplasia.

Since attending Bluewaters Tsavo hardly ever limps now and he has built up muscle around all of his legs. Swimming has prevented him from having to have surgery and its made him overall a fitter, happier dog.

Bluewaters was recommended to me by my dog walker. Little did I know that not only would my pup be improved but I have great support from the very friendly, approachable team who look after us as a whole – not just my pup. The have become friends and confidantes – always at the end of the phone for help.

Sherry from Stourbridge

Tsavo's Owner

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