Case Study


Name: Bodo


Breed: Golden Retriever


Age: 10 years old

Reason for Hydrotherapy

Lumbosacral Sensitivity
Bilateral Hip Discomfort
Thickening of the Left Elbow

Bodo started to attend Bluewaters Canine Hydrotherapy Centre in October 2018. Bodo was very nervous at his first session, with a real anxiety about walking into the centre. However once we had gained his trust he realised what he was here to do he was happy and enjoyed his time in the water.

Becoming less timid each time by taking the sessions at his pace he started to arrive much happier, greeting us with a waggy tail. He loves swimming, following his favourite teddies.

Initially there was little extension from Bodo’s hind limbs and he abducted (kicked out) his left forelimb. Bodo was also quite stiff through his hind limbs and didn’t flex through the stifle fully.

As Bodo has progressed he continues to thoroughly enjoy his sessions and tries to sneak up to the pool before we have put his harness on! Bodo’s range of movement has improved through his forelimbs, abducting with the left just a small amount now. Bodo’s extension has improved greatly through his hind limbs. Gradually the flexion is improving through his stifles.

Bodo’s owner has been delighted with his progress and loves to see him enjoying his sessions so much. Bodo has lots more energy now and mobility has greatly improved. Bodo has gained 4-7cm on his forelimbs and 2.5cm on his hind limbs which is a fantastic result – this will help greatly to maintain his joints.

Bodo continues to attend Bluewaters on a fortnightly basis and its doing him the world of good! Well done lovely boy!

Bodo is 10 year old Golden Retriever – he’s a very nervous dog and doesn’t like anything different and he was worried around water and would never venture into water. Bodo had previously had hydrotherapy but was extremely nervous and used to shake as he was lifted into the pool. When the vet recommended further hydrotherapy for Bodo due to his arthritis in his joints and lower back sensitivity we came to Bluewaters. Since coming to Bluewaters he is more confident and actually enjoys his swimming. I think it has helped as a member of staff is always in the water with him and they make it fun, playing with his favourite “new toy”. He has come on leaps and bounds. Bodo will now walk through the door, doesn’t need towels laid down ground for him to walk on and will go down the pool ramp into the water without any persuasion. He launches himself into the water to retrieve his toy. I can actually see he is enjoying himself and its helping his condition. Thank you to the team for helping him and giving him confidence! No more hiding and shaking, he just loves to go!!

Jill from Halesowen

Bodo's Owner

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