Case Study


Name: Storm


Breed: Rough Collie


Age: 5 years old

Reason for Hydrotherapy

Bilateral Hip Dysplasia

Storm started to attend Bluewaters Canine Hydrotherapy in July 2018. Storm had his left hip replaced, however the surgery was unsuccessful so he had a femoral head/neck excison, this is where the top part of the femur is completely removed.
When Storm started his sessions with us he was incredibly nervous, this was completely understandable after all the surgery he has been through. Storm was very anxious walking on smooth surfaces so we had to make a rolling road of towels for him to walk in and his owners had to support his hind end with a sling.
We initially started his treatment in the pool to build up his strength and muscle mass, we felt at this early stage of rehabilitation the underwater treadmill would be too much for him, especially as different surfaces unsettled him. We had to handle Storm very gently and carefully to build his trust in us, Storm was very calm in the pool and took to his sessions really well which was such a relief for his owners. There was initially very little extension through Storm‘s left hind limb and he didn’t fully flex the limb.
As Storm progressed in the pool he seemed to start to enjoy his sessions and the use of his left hind greatly improved with stimulation from the hydrotherapist in the pool with him. Part way through his treatment Storm started to attend sessions with Jess our physiotherapist as his owners were keen to progress with Storm‘s treatment at home as well as turn to another treatment to work alongside his hydrotherapy. Following on from this we progressed Storm‘s treatment into the underwater treadmill, Storm surprised us all by taking to this really well. This has greatly improved his gait and hind limb strength. Storm used to be reluctant to weight bear on his left hind limb and turned his paw inwards as he walked but his treatment in the treadmill has resolved this.
Storm‘s owners have been delighted with his progress and report that they have gradually been able to increase Storm‘s walks back up and he is enjoying them. Storm is also back to his normal self at home, wanting to play with toys etc, he is still wary on smooth floors but this is understandable given all he has been through. Since the start of his treatment Storm has gained muscle mass on all four limbs and his hind limb measurements are now almost even. He has gained 4cm in total on his left hind limb which is a great result. There is the possibility that Storm may require surgery on his right hind limb as well, before they make the final decision Storm‘s owners have been bringing Storm regularly for both hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to ensure that the left hind limb is as strong as it can be.
Storm has made amazing progress through his visits to Bluewaters in both his hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions. For a dog that started off so timid and reserved he has done remarkably well and his strength has improved so much. It has been so rewarding to see Storm‘s confidence in us grow and for him to be able to return to living a normal life at home with his owners. Well done Storm!

Storm is 5yrs old and has severe hip dysplasia in both hind legs. He had a total hip replacement which unfortunately failed. They then did another operation (FHO) which was risky on a Rough Collie, as it might not work due to his bone structure. Storm is also very nervous of slippery floors.

Storm lost his muscle mass in his legs and had to have lots of hydrotherapy to build it back up. Its been amazing how hydrotherapy has helped him to recover. He’s now having 20 minute walks and plays more now. His confidence is now coming back after all that he has gone through.

The facilities are brilliant and the team are so professional – the care they give to the pets is outstanding. They are so caring and helpful – nothing is too much for them. The care they have given Storm is the best we could’ve wished for – AMAZING! Thank you all!!


Storm's Owner


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